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Moringa Blend multi-use food powder takes aim at seven common health problems:


Omega acids are powerful anti-inflammatory that benefits raising your HDL ("good") cholesterol and lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol.


Once your body is detoxed and nutritionally stable, you feel better, train harder and recovery faster.


Plant based protein is heart healthy and easily digested. Proteins are necessary for metabolism, weight management, immune function and muscle repair to name a few.

Glycemic Level

Everybody knows Vitamin D builds bones and strengthen the immune system. But did you know it lowers the risk of illnesses like diabetes, heart and kidney disease? And yet it is said that half of all adults and children are deficient in Vitamin D.


A nourished metabolism supports consistent energy, excellent digestion, and stress reduction.


Dietary fiber benefits the body in several ways. It's essential for heart health, weight management, proper cholesterol levels, and for people living with diabetes, fiber is recommended to help reduce the dosage of medication usages.


Naturally provides plant-based nutrition to support every bodily function.


As weekend cyclists, we are forever creating protein bars for our trips. Now we prepare the LIVEADE® protein, energy & nutritional (PEN) bars and what a difference it makes in our rides. Thank you
- The Pearson Crew, Sacramento, CA
LIVEADE® Moringa Blend's PEN recipe is also great for hikers, runners, golfers and backpackers
After gastric bypass surgery, I supplemented my nutrient needs with the Super Smoothie because of its purity and density of nutrients. Moringa Blend also blended well with my soft foods and made a great difference in my overall health.
- M. Wilcher, Vallejo, CA
During my first Zumba class at 48 years old, I knew I needed help with energy and I knew exactly where to look. I Googled moringa oleifera, and discovered the Super Smoothie Solution…what a difference it made! I now breeze through my Zumba classes, and over time I’ve lost weight without really trying.
- Rosa Porchay
It took 3 rounds of injections by my dentist to deaden one small area of my gum. Dr. Chan said 'you must have a very high metabolism' Me...with a high metabolism, I was stunned! Having only used LIVEADE for 3 weeks, I did notice my clothing was looser, getting up for work was easier and my husband started to look a lot better to me for some reason! Thank y’all so much for the boost and helping us take control of our health.
- Jo Hunter, Little Rock, AR
As accounts payable manager of a luxury health spa, I realized the key ingredient to those sweet green smoothies causing the patron's burst of energy was the LIVEADE® Powder. And being told my liver enzymes tested very high at my annual physical, I placed myself on this "Super Smoothie Solution" and after 3 weeks, and being retested, my liver was in optimal condition. Now, I place ½ scoop of Moringa Blend powder in my orange juice every morning and go!
- Name Withheld (I need my job)
"My wonderful wife and I first met at the Live Aid concert in 1985 held in Philadelphia, PA. We danced until dawn and married 6 months later. Change happens. In 2010, weighing close to 300 lbs., I had knee surgery. My physical therapist knew that I love green smoothies, so he suggested I add LIVEADE® Powder to my green smoothie diet mostly to lose weight, but also to help ease my joint pain and get my diabetes under control. In six months, I have lost 70 lbs., my knee is coming along great, my diabetes is in check and my wife and I are dancing once again! We love LIVEADE®, no matter how you spell it.
- Wayne Dyer, Kansas City, KS
Working for a fortune 100 Corporation afforded me the best rehab facility for my substance abuse problem and this is where I discovered Moringa Oleifera and then I found LIVEADE®. On a daily basis I add the powder and have introduced it into my AA meetings. We even used the affiliate program to raise money for quality coffee machines for our AA and NA meeting throughout the city of Little Rock.
- R. Mitchell, Little Rock, AR
As a hardcore foodie and past restaurant owner I knew this concept of supercharging everyday foods was just a matter of time. It really is the future of how we cook.
- Geddes, Sacramento, CA

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